Whether you’ve lived here all your life or enjoying a weekend getaway, find your happy food place at The Square Café. That’s right! It’s a café on the Historic Square. If you’re looking for tasty, wholesome food at a price that won’t break your budget while enjoying the friendly, hometown atmosphere that only Granbury can provide, then this is the place!

We understand…there’s only so many hours in the day and so many dollars in your wallet. With so many eateries on the Square, finding the right dining choice can be overwhelming. We have a great menu and an onsite bakery! Our fast, casual service will get you in and out without waiting or making reservations.

Try us for the best value and selection of breakfast, lunch, and bakery items. While dining, you can read about or storied past as a saloon where John Wilkes Booth tended bar. Try some baked good (samples served with meals) and above all follow us on social media!

Tell your friends how much we’d like to see them, too.

The Historic Granbury Square offers something you can’t get in the big cities…between shopping, dining, and entertainment, you won’t want to miss a single second of your day.

Enjoy your meal and everything that Granbury has to offer!

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