Reading: Top 10 Cafes for Reading and Relaxing

Here are ten cafes around the world known for their cozy atmosphere perfect for reading and relaxing:

  1. Shakespeare and Company Café (Paris, France) 
    • Located next to the famous bookstore, this café offers a charming ambiance ideal for reading with a view of Notre Dame.
  2. The Grounds of Alexandria (Sydney, Australia) 
    • Set in a converted industrial space with lush gardens, it provides a tranquil environment for enjoying coffee and a good book.
  3. Café Reggio (New York City, USA) 
    • Known for its historic ambiance and cozy seating, making it a favorite spot for writers and intellectuals.
  4. The Attendant (London, UK) 
    • Housed in a converted Victorian toilet, this café offers a unique and quiet atmosphere for reading.
  5. D’espresso (New York City, USA) 
    • Designed to resemble a library turned on its side, it provides a quirky yet relaxing space to enjoy coffee and literature.
  6. Café Central (Vienna, Austria) 
    • A historic café frequented by famous writers and thinkers, offering elegant surroundings and a tranquil atmosphere.
  7. The Bookworm (Beijing, China) 
    • Combines a bookstore with a café, providing a perfect setting for browsing books and enjoying a quiet read.
  8. Café Tortoni (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 
    • Argentina’s oldest café, known for its ornate décor and relaxed atmosphere, ideal for enjoying a coffee and a book.
  9. Antique Café (Istanbul, Turkey) 
    • Set in a historic building with vintage décor and comfortable seating, it offers a peaceful retreat from the bustling city.
  10. The Majestic Café (Porto, Portugal) 
    • A luxurious café with a rich history, known for its Belle Époque ambiance and cozy corners perfect for reading.

These cafes are renowned for their inviting atmospheres and are popular among locals and visitors alike seeking a peaceful place to unwind with a good book.