Live Music: Top 10 Cafes with Live Music

If you’re looking for a cafe that combines the enjoyment of live music with a great ambiance, these top 10 cafes should be on your list:

Bluebird Café (Nashville, USA)

Known as a legendary music venue, Bluebird Café showcases live performances by established and emerging singer-songwriters, offering an intimate and memorable music experience.

The Jazz Standard (New York City, USA)

This renowned jazz club hosts live performances by world-class musicians, creating an immersive atmosphere for jazz enthusiasts to enjoy while savoring coffee or cocktails.

Café de la Danse (Paris, France)

A beloved Parisian venue, Café de la Danse features an eclectic mix of live music, including indie, rock, and folk performances. With an intimate setting and a diverse program, it’s a must-visit for music lovers.

The Green Mill Cocktail Lounge (Chicago, USA)

This historic bar and jazz club has been showcasing live music since 1907. It offers an authentic atmosphere with its art deco decor and regular performances by talented jazz musicians.

The Troubadour (London, UK)

The Troubadour is a legendary cafe and music venue that has hosted renowned artists such as Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. It continues to showcase live performances across various genres, making it a cultural hub for music lovers.

The Barnyard Theatre (Cape Town, South Africa)

The Barnyard Theatre offers a unique experience, combining live music performances with delicious meals. Enjoy a variety of genres, from rock to pop, while indulging in tasty food and drinks.

The Living Room at W Hotel (Bangkok, Thailand)

The Living Room is a sophisticated lounge and live music venue that hosts talented local and international musicians. Sip on creative cocktails while enjoying soulful jazz, blues, or R&B performances.

Trouvé Café (Seoul, South Korea)

Trouvé Café is a trendy spot that offers live music performances, mainly focusing on indie and acoustic genres. It’s a cozy setting to relax, sip coffee, and enjoy the local music scene.

Café Oto (London, UK)

Café Oto is an experimental music venue that embraces diverse and avant-garde performances. From jazz and contemporary classical to world music, it offers an alternative approach to  music in a relaxed cafe setting.

Fasching Jazz Club (Stockholm, Sweden)

Fasching Jazz Club is a legendary venue that has been hosting live jazz performances for over 40 years. With its vibrant atmosphere and high-caliber musicians, it’s a must-visit for jazz enthusiasts visiting Stockholm.

Remember to check the schedules and availability of performances in advance, as music events may vary. Whether you’re a fan of jazz, indie, or any other genre, these cafes combine the joy of live music with a cozy and inviting atmosphere.