Top 10 Most Instagrammable Restaurants

Identifying the most Instagrammable restaurants involves considering not only the food but also the decor. Ambiance, and overall visual appeal that make them popular on social media. Here are ten restaurants globally known for their Instagram-worthy settings:

Sketch (London, UK)

Known for its quirky and artistic interiors, including the famous pink Gallery room with whimsical decor and the Michelin-starred gastronomic experience.

Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura (Florence, Italy)

Located within the Gucci Garden, this restaurant offers a blend of high fashion and gourmet cuisine in a luxurious setting designed by Alessandro Michele.

Ninja New York (New York City, USA)

A ninja-themed restaurant where diners are served by staff dressed as ninjas in a recreated feudal Japanese village setting, complete with theatrical presentations.

Cotton House Hotel – Batuar (Barcelona, Spain)

Located in a former cotton-textile headquarters, this restaurant features stunning interiors with marble floors, high ceilings, and a beautiful garden terrace.

The Jane (Antwerp, Belgium)

Housed in a renovated military hospital chapel, The Jane combines gothic architecture with modern design. Featuring a unique atmosphere and Michelin-starred dining.

Nobu Malibu (Malibu, USA)

Situated on the Pacific Coast Highway, Nobu Malibu offers ocean views and a chic, minimalist interior. Known for its celebrity sightings and gourmet Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine.

Mama Shelter (Various locations worldwide)

Known for its vibrant and eclectic decor, Mama Shelter restaurants feature colorful interiors. Trendy design elements, and a lively atmosphere perfect for social media.

The Grotto (Rayavadee Resort, Krabi, Thailand)

Offers a dining experience in a cave overlooking the Andaman Sea, providing a unique and picturesque setting ideal for capturing stunning Instagram photos.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal (London, UK)

Located in the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, this restaurant combines historic British recipes with innovative culinary techniques, housed in a contemporary and visually striking space.

El Fenn (Marrakech, Morocco)

A boutique hotel with a restaurant featuring vibrant Moroccan decor, colorful tiles, and lush gardens, providing an exotic backdrop for Instagram-worthy photos.

These restaurants are  not only for their culinary excellence but also for their visually captivating settings that attract Instagrammers. Especially those  seeking unique and aesthetically pleasing dining experiences. Whether it’s innovative design, historic architecture, or stunning natural landscapes, these venues offer memorable settings.